Over the next 5 years we will...

During the year, we are reviewing our 2020 Vision and Future Plans and developing a new longer term plan so we can:

  • Use your feedback from our recent 3-year Customer Surveys.
  • Refresh and share the views of our Customer Panel, other stakeholders and partners.
  • Benefit from ‘new thinking’ following changes in our leadership team and Board, and recruitment of other new team members.
  • Incorporate any changes needed because of the extent of our growth through new build homes over the next few years.
  • Update our plans to recognise current and future challenges, including economic pressures, welfare reform and changes in  the way we are regulated

In 2019 we intend to launch our new Corporate Strategy and we will also:

  • Contribute to Scottish Government thinking on Housing in Scotland up to 2040
  •  Review our Rent and Affordability Strategy
  • Invest £130m to build 1200 new homes for rent
  • Invest £15m in improving our homes and neighbourhoods
  • Deliver factored services to owners and develop new business opportunities and properties for mid-market rent and sales through our subsidiary, Clyde Valley Property Services
  • Work with the Customer Panel on their latest project on how we deliver rent arrears recovery and how we can increase the Panel’s numbers
  • Employ a new Customer Experience Manager to lead tenancy sustainment and work on identifying and supporting our most vulnerable tenants.
  • Develop further our Housing Options Strategy, review our allocations policy to comply with the new Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 legislation and how our Common Housing Register operates.
  •  Support our Local Authority partners to tackle homelessness using the Housing First model and through the development of Rapid Rehousing Transition Plans, to reduce the impacts of homelessness and reduce the use of temporary accommodation.
  • Develop our staff by investing more in learning and development for the future.

Analyse and use our Customer Survey feedback to:

  • Complete the mid-term review of our 5-year rent strategy and affordability.
  • Develop the range of services customers want to see on line.
  • Set ourselves even more challenges to improve our performance.
  • Review our Customer Engagement Strategy.