2018 Participation Banner

We have...

  • Strengthened our support of our Customer Panel. We welcomed new members and focused scrutiny on our arrears procedures. Some of this scrutiny work involved members of the Panel job shadowing staff and going with staff on site visits.
  •  Followed up the Customer Panel’s recommendations on allocation of our homes. See “You Said, We Did” article on page 16 for some of the Customer Panel’s recommendations.
  • Extended welfare benefits, Universal Credit and income maximisation advice for customer.
  • Following a lot of calls during the winter months, we issued a leaflet for our customers on how to prevent condensation. We also produced an animated video that provides hints and tips. Technical Inspectors had refresher training that will help them diagnose when condensation is present and to offer advice.
  •  Provided videos to explain our repairs service, how to apply for a house with CVHA and on what it means to be a tenant. These are providing customers with a better understanding of these processes, as well as assisting staff to explain them.
  • Re-prioritised fitting of handrails for customers. Handrails are now fitted soon after a referral from an Occupational Therapist. This has significantly reduced waiting time and improved safety for our customers.
  • Continued to use our Twitter account and website to connect with customers.
  • Achieved Customer Service Excellence re-accreditation with full compliance and five ‘compliance pluses’.
  •  Expanded our customer disturbance allowance to include two further options  for decorating (three options now available).